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Visteon to Showcase Next-Generation Digital Cockpit Technology Platforms at CES 2020

Jan. 3, 2020 at 6:55 AM EST

Automotive electronics leader redefines safety and user experience in future vehicle cockpits

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Visteon Corporation (Nasdaq: VC), a leading automotive cockpit electronics technology company, will showcase at CES® 2020 a range of technology solutions designed to enhance safety and the driving experience by enabling the transformation of cockpits to all-digital environments.  

Visteon’s Flexible Rotating Glass Cockpit
Visteon will premiere a flexible rotating glass cockpit at CES® 2020 in Las Vegas. The multi-display module can bend around the driver in sport mode or bend back to flat mode to allow the front passenger to view the display. It is one of many cockpit electronics technology solutions that Visteon will showcase at CES.

Visteon will display innovative cockpit electronics technology platforms in four core areas:

  • Driver Information – Industry-leading digital clusters and multi-display modules
  • SmartCore – Industry-first cockpit domain controllers
  • DriveCore – Enhanced safety domain controllers for Level 2-plus automated driving
  • Infotainment – Scalable Android-based infotainment solutions

Digital displays are key enabler of the cockpit of the future, and as a highlight of its CES exhibit (Central Plaza, Pavilion 13), Visteon will debut a new digital display technology that delivers exceptional brightness and contrast with a rich color gamut. This patent-pending technology is designed to bridge the gap between LCD and OLED display technologies, keeping rigorous automotive requirements in mind. Visteon will also premiere a flexible rotating glass cockpit, which can bend around the driver in sport mode or bend back to flat mode to allow the front passenger to view the display.

Furthermore, Visteon will demonstrate the integration between its SmartCore cockpit domain controller and DriveCore ADAS/automated driving technologies. These cockpit innovations establish a consistent human-machine interaction (HMI) experience between the driver and vehicle, enabling vehicles to seamlessly enable advanced automated safety functions, which will help smooth the transition from Level 2-plus to higher levels of autonomy.

“The cockpit is evolving to a fully digital environment with multiple curved, flexible displays that show information about the driving environment, vehicle dynamics and safety, as well as connected multimedia content,” said Sachin Lawande, Visteon president and CEO. “This transition requires the development of several new technologies to enhance the complete driving experience. As a global leader in multi-display modules and centralized computers, we will show our latest innovations that address this digital transformation at CES.”

Driver information

Digital cockpit displays are becoming larger, curved and flexible, with multiple displays integrated with a glass cover lens that gives the entire system a seamless and high-quality look and feel. At CES, Visteon will show innovations ranging from 3D clusters with eye-catching pop-out safety alerts to its new, breakthrough display that delivers pure, deep black and vibrant colors with high brightness – without sacrificing reliability.

Infotainment solutions for connected cars

Visteon is presenting scalable Android infotainment solutions for seamless connectivity including seamless integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies for smartphone projection. In addition to this functionality, Visteon also provides an onboard artificial intelligence (AI)-based voice assistant with natural language understanding – tailored for in-car use without the need for cloud connectivity.

Industry-leading SmartCore cockpit domain controllers

The next generation of SmartCore – Visteon’s industry-first domain controller that launched on production vehicles in 2018 – now seamlessly connects HMI across multiple display domains – including the digital cluster, infotainment, rear-seat infotainment, surround view, and in-cabin sensing of driver drowsiness, attentiveness and facial recognition. With its robust computing power, this enhanced SmartCore elevates the user experience while managing system-level cost and providing efficiencies in weight and power consumption.  

Enhanced DriveCore autonomous driving controller

At CES, Visteon will show an enhanced iteration of DriveCore, its open, scalable platform for addressing multiple levels of vehicle automation, with a focus on Level 2-plus. DriveCore consists of the hardware, in-vehicle middleware, and PC-based software to enable sensor fusion and process AI/machine learning algorithms for advanced Level 2 functionality.

Visteon will introduce an updated DriveCore Studio development environment announced earlier this year, which allows developers to leverage Microsoft Azure Cloud – Microsoft’s global, hyper-scale intelligent cloud solution – to develop, test and validate autonomous driving algorithms. This new version allows developers to compare two automated driving algorithms simultaneously, helping meet the computing demands of Level 2-plus systems.

CES 2020 will mark Visteon’s 21st year as an exhibitor, making it one of the longest-running show participants in the automotive industry.

About Visteon

Visteon is a global technology company that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative cockpit electronics and connected car solutions for the world’s major vehicle manufacturers. Visteon is driving the smart, learning, digital cockpit of the future, to improve safety and the user experience. Visteon is a global leader in cockpit electronic products including digital instrument clusters, information displays, infotainment, head-up displays, telematics, SmartCore™ cockpit domain controllers, and the DriveCore™ autonomous driving platform. Visteon also delivers artificial intelligence-based technologies, connected car, cybersecurity, interior sensing, embedded multimedia and smartphone connectivity software solutions. Headquartered in Van Buren Township, Michigan, Visteon has approximately 10,000 employees at more than 40 facilities in 18 countries. Visteon had sales of approximately $3 billion in 2018. Learn more at

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